Friday, February 3, 2017

Muffins, Netflix, and tea

You know. I love muffins. Muffins are yummy. You can hold them in your hand and munch on them any time. Some have raisins in them or zucchini. And some have cinnamon in them. Or maybe oat bran or bran, or bananas, or pineapple, or applesauce, or pumpkin. Or maybe all of the above together in one batch. Though I've never done that maybe I should sometimes. Might be interesting.

Often I give my muffins to people. I think they like muffins too.

I do put a lot of raisins in my muffins because I like raisins so much. Sometimes the people I give my muffins to don't like the raisins. And they pick them out. If there was broccoli in muffins I might pick that out. I never pick out raisins. Sometimes I make the recipe as called for but most of the time I don't, I change the recipe so it barely resembles the original recipe.

My muffins are almost always low fat since you don't need a lot of fat to make a good muffin. If you use pureed fruit of any kind this will always make muffins moister. Fatty muffins are gross.

I've also made chocolate muffins on occasion, in fact I have a good recipe for low fat chocolate muffins. I think they have pumpkin in them. And I think I also put chocolate chips in them too. Yummy. Nothing like a good muffin with a glass of cold skim milk made from reconstituted milk powder. Or with a decaf coffee. Or with tea. Tea is good too. In fact ever since I started watching British shows on Netflix, where they always drink tea, I've started drinking tea more often too. Hardly any calories since I use powdered reconstituted skim milk in it. Tea will make you pee a lot though.

Speaking of Netflix, why would anyone pay Bell or Rogers or whomever to provide them TV when Netflix is so good, and so cheap? Along with British shows, I'm now watching shows from Iceland, and from Norway, all really great. Except you can't multitask when watching these shows because you have to read the subtitles (even the British shows). So for instance, I couldn't eat muffins and tea with skim reconstituted skim milk in it while watching Netflix, because, well you know, that would be multi tasking.

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