Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kingston Penitentiary tour

Visited the Kingston pen yesterday. It was quite the tour. The tour was almost two hours and very well done. They had a student who memorized everything about the different areas. Then as we went through the pen, there were a series of former employees in each area who spoke about a particular aspect of the pen. It was $35 each and I think well worth it. 

There was a major riot in 1971 that lasted four days. The inmates rounded up the segregated prisoners (sex offenders etc.), tied them to chairs, put sheets over them and proceeded to beat them with metal rods. Two were killed.

They don't tell you where the famous convicts were housed in the pen. This is out of respect for the families of the victims.

Former guard.

Homemade devices to use to boil water in cells etc.

The dome where the riot was occurring. The armoured like structure pictured here was built after the 1971 riot. It contained an arsenal of weapons the guards cold use if necessary.

Cell reconstructed as it was left after the last inmates left.

Cell for handicap person, bigger than the other cells.

Segregation cells.

Painting on the wall of one of the segregation cells.

All the shops were in this area. Very cool architecture. The prison was built by prisoners over an almost 200 year period.

Postal worker carry bags made here.

Shop. Notice the amazing ceiling constructed from bricks.

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