Saturday, June 28, 2014

Use LICKBO to Retire Hydro's Debt Retirement charges

Ottawa's hydro rates are ridiculous. My bill yesterday was for 76.12 for one month.

Hydro used to bill every two months. Now they changed the billing period, so maybe we wouldn't notice the difference in the bills. I guess they think we're morons.

As you can see below, more than half my hydro charges are for Delivery, Regulatory charges, Debt Retirement Charges and Tax.

Then today in my newspaper, I received the brand new LICKBO (LCBO) 36 page glossy "Magazine". A "Magazine" devoted to taking pictures of laughing smiling beautiful people (ugly people need not apply) because apparently we need to be told to drink more booze.

Not like LICKBO has a monopoly or anything in Ontario, and that the only place you can buy booze in Ontario is at this monopoly. How much did they pay for this "Magazine" anyway? A ton I imagine. And it is circulated through the newspapers. What a farce.

The money that Ontario uses for to tell us to drink more, should be put directly on the Delivery, Regulatory charges, Debt Retirement Charges and Tax of Ontario residents' hydro bills. That would make sense.

And stop producing these obnoxious "Magazines".


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