Friday, July 18, 2014

My letter to Mayor Jim Watson of Ottawa regarding pedestrian unfriendly traffic circles

Mayor Jim Watson,
After trying to cross the road at the intersection of St. Joseph Blvd.  and Jeanne D’Arc  Blvd. in Orleans  last evening with our granddaughter (  South East corner near Dairy Queen  to the North East side near Cora’s )  I have come to the conclusion that our city doesn’t give a hoot about pedestrians anymore.  I have never seen such insanity in my life, as car after car, at breakneck speed whizzed through without any regard whatsoever to anyone trying to cross the road at that point. 
I found this on the city of Ottawa website  and this is an outright lie that “Roundabouts are often safer for pedestrians than intersections that use traffic signals. At a roundabout, a pedestrian only has to cross two sections of one-way traffic, which is moving at slow speeds.” Well, the traffic last night was moving extremely fast; there was nothing slow about it.  When there seemed to be a break and I thought it was safe to cross, in a split second a car whizzed by from Jeanne D’Arc and pulled onto Saint Joseph Blvd going east right in front of me. The city’s website suggests waiting for a break in the traffic to cross. Well, there was no way one could even begin to cross even if you didn’t see any approaching vehicles because in no time at all a vehicle would come out of nowhere, from different directions, even if there seemed to be a break.
Just when I had given up and was ready to walk down to the traffic lights,  which were quite a distance away, a couple of cars stopped and my granddaughter and I were able to cross.  I certainly will never attempt to cross at that intersection again though. The city has seen to that.
What I experienced last night was a real eye opener to me about how we really feel in Ottawa about many of our citizens.
This traffic circle in Orleans is very, very dangerous to pedestrians and a disgrace. It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed at that intersection
Could you please explain to me why this is happening; the trend lately to disregard pedestrians.
Thank you
Maureen Ward,


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